Headsets & Accessories


  • A190 Multicell DECT Headset

    Modern DECT headsets offer many advantages in daily business life. They provide mobility and effectiveness at the same time – because your hands are free to take notes, type or carry something from A to B.

  • A170 - Wireless DECT Headset

    The new Snom A170 is a wireless headset accessory for Snom phones that offers not only the highest quality, but also maximum mobility. 

  • A150 - Wireless DECT Headset

    The Snom A150 is one of the smallest and lightest DECT headsets in its class. Despite its compact design, the device features excellent wideband sound and extensive DECT range.

  • A100D Headset

    The Snom A100D is a wired binaural headset designed for maximum comfort and performance .

  • A100M Headset

    The Snom A100M is a wired monaural headset designed for maximum comfort and performance . 

  • A210 Wlan-USB-Stick

    The Snom A210 WLAN-Adapter can transform every current Snom D3xx and D7xx phone into a WLAN device. WLAN functionality is increasingly becoming a frequent solution in offices where mobility and wireless connectivity is important.

  • A230 DECT-USB-Stick

    Quick and easy conferencing solutions are an absolute must in day-to-day business, and even with the excellent conferencing qualities, they have their limits depending on how many people wish to take part in the call and the size and acoustics of the room.

  • A100 M/D Adapter Cables

    The Snom adapter cables connects A100 M/D headsets with all Snom landline telephones. 

  • EHS Wireless Headset Adapter

    Headsets allow users a much wider range of movement than possible with a telephone receiver.

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