• SpeechLine Digital Wireless is a digital wireless microphone system for speech and lecture. It is designed and optimized for university and corporate use. Thanks to its broad product portfolio, the system is particularly versatile and can be adapted to the requirements of individual applications. 

  • ew 300 G4

    The evolution wireless microphone series has established itself as the worldwide industry standard. With ew 300 G4, Sennheiser yet raises the bar of known quality one more time by offering even higher flexibility and optimized support for digital workflows.

  • Digital 6000

    Digital 6000 opens up new leeway and sets new standards. The system has intermodulation-free operation with an equidistant frequency grid, allowing reliable incorporation of transmission paths even in overcrowded or very narrow frequency ranges.

  • TeamConnect Ceiling 2

    We perfected our ceiling microphone TeamConnect Ceiling to give you an unprecedented meeting experience. The result is TeamConnect Ceiling 2 with patented beamforming technology and other outstanding features.

  • SpeechLine Wired

    Great for both meetings and presentations, the SpeechLine Wired microphone series has been developed specially to deal with the spoken word and guarantee top-class speech intelligibility.

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