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Desk Phones

Did you hear that? Your teams did. They’ll catch every word—on our industry-leading VoIP phones. Easy to set up, easy to use, and optimized to run on over 60 current and emerging IP and UC Cloud platforms, they also pack excellent sound quality and propriety technologies that others can’t match. We stay ahead of the telecommunications curve, continuously  refining and adding new features to make sure your favorite phones are always Poly phones.

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  • CCX 600

    A larger screen can make all the difference. The CCX 600 business media phone boasts a 7" screen—perfect for managers and executives, and anybody who needs more room to do their thing. Count on Poly’s legendary audio quality, so conversations stay on track. 

  • CCX 500

    Meet the new standard in touch screen desktop phones. The CCX 500 business media phone has workers feeling confident they’ll sound professional on every call. No word or inflection is missed, thanks to Poly legendary audio quality.

  • CCX 400

    Sometimes all you need is a reliable desktop phone with touch screen convenience. An always-on, always-ready phone you can always count on. The CCX 400 is an entry-level business media phone that’s easy to use. Its interface is simple and intuitive.

  • VVX 601

    The VVX® 601 is a premium business media phone designed to enhance collaboration and personal productivity.

  • VVX 501

    An easy-to-use, performance business media phone that’s designed for today’s busy managers and knowledge workers.

  • VVX 450

    Twelve-line, performance IP desk phone with color display.

  • VVX 401/411

    A color mid-range desktop IP phone for enhanced call handling.

  • VVX 350

    Six-line, mid-range IP desk phone with color display

  • VVX 301/311


    A powerful entry-level desktop IP phone for today's cubicle workers and small businesses.

  • VVX 250

    Four-line, basic IP desk phone with color display

  • VVX 250

    Entry-level Two -line IP phone with HD sound quality and 2 Ethernet ports

  • VVX 150

    The VVX 150 business IP phone is a high quality, two-line, IP phone that delivers reliable performance and an enterprise grade sound quality. It is ideal for home offices or shared/common areas or any: locations that needs simple and reliable voice connectivity.

  • VVX 101

    An affordable and reliable single line IP desk phone


    The VVX D230 is a cordless IP phone with DECT wireless technology.


    Poly Elara 60 Series is the on-desk solution for enhanced smartphone collaboration designed for mobile-first professionals.

  • CX300 R2

    A USB phone optimized for use with soft clients

  • OBI2182

    12-line cloud-managed Gigabit IP phone with color display

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