Hikvision Intrusion Detectors

Hikvision offers a wide range of both wired and wireless detectors for many scenarios. 


Wired Detectors

  • Wired internal 10m Dual-technology PIR detector with pet immunity function

  • DS-2TD4166T-9


    Wired internal 10m PIR detector with Pet immunity functrion

  • DS-PD2-P12QE-C


    Wired internal ceiling mounted PIR detector

  • DS-PD2-D15AME


    Wired internal 15m Dual-technology PIR detector with Anti-masking function

  • DS-PD2-T12AME-EL


    Wired external 12m tri-tech detector with Anti-masking function

  • DS-PD2-D15E


    Wired internal 15m Dual-technology PIR detector

  • DS-PD2-P18CE


    Wired internal 18m curtain PIR detector

  • DS-PD2-P15E


    Wired internal 15m PIR detector

  • DS-2TD6266T-25H2L


    Wired internal 18m PIR detector

  • DS-PD2-T10AME-EH


    Wired external 10m tri-tech detector with Anti-masking function

  • DS-PD1-MC-MS


    Surface mounted magnetic contact

  • DS-PD1-EB


    Flame retardant ABS shell

  • DS-PD1-SKM


    Shock detector

  • DS-2TD6266T-25H2L


    Magnetic contact for rolling door

  • DS-2TD6266T-25H2L


    Foot pick panic button

  • DS-PD1-BG9


    Wired glass break detector

Wireless Detectors

  • Wireless PIR Detector



    Wireless Emergency Button

  • DS-PDD12P-EG2-WE


    Wireless Dual-Tech Detector


    Wireless PIR-CAM Detector



    Wireless Portable Emergency Button

  • DS-PD2-D15E


    Wireless Water Leak Detector

  • DS-PDC15-EG2-WE


    Wireless PIR Curtain Detector



    Wireless Magnet Detector

  • DS-2TD6266T-25H2L


    Wireless Slim Magnet Detector

  • DS-PD1-EB-WR(433M)


    Wireless panic button

  • DS-PD1-PM-W(433M)


    Wireless displacement detector

  • DS-PD2-T10P-WEH(868M)


    Wireless external 10m tri-tech detector

  • DS-PD1-MC-WWS(H)(433M)


    Wireless Magnetic Contact

  • DS-PD2-D10P-W(433M)


    Wireless internal 10m Dua-technology detector with pet immunity function

  • DS-2TD6266T-25H2L


    Wireless internal 12m Dua-technology detector

  • DS-PD1-BG9


    Wireless external 12m tri-tech detector

  • DS-PD1-EB-WS2(433M)


    Wireless panic button with 2 buttons

  • DS-PD1-MC-WWS(P)(868M)


    Wireless Magnetic Contact

  • DS-PD2-D12-W(868MHz)


    Wireless internal 12m Dual-technology detector

  • DS-PD2-D10P-W(868M)


    Wireless internal 10m Dual-technology detector with pet immunity function


  • DS-PDB-IN-Universalbracket


    Internal universal bracket



    External Detect Battery

  • DS-PDP-IN-CR123A


    Indoor Detector Battery

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