Buy one and get all you need for a small surveillance system, including cameras, NVR and accessories.


PoE Kits

  • 2MP Bullet/Dome PoE Kit

  • NK42E2H-1T(WD)


    2MP Turret PoE Kit

  • NK42E1H-1T(WD)

    2MP Dome PoE Kit

  • NK42E0H-1T(WD)

    2MP Bullet PoE Kit

  • NK42E3H

    2MP Bullet/Dome PoE Kit

  • NK42E2H

    2MP Turret PoE Kit

  • NK42E1H


    2MP Dome PoE Kit

  • NK42E0H


    2MP Bullet PoE Kit

Wi-Fi Kits

  • 2MP H.265 Bullet WiFi Kit

  • NK44W1H-1T(WD)


    4MP H.265 Dome Wi-Fi Kit

  • NK44W0H-1T(WD)

    4MP H.265 Bullet Wi-Fi Kit

  • NK42W0-1T(WD)

    2MP H.264 Bullet Wi-Fi Kit

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