Transmission and Display Accessories

From coaxial transmitters to video baluns and PoE midspans, from analog to IP, Hikvision’s transmission and display accessories offer the kind of flexibility and extensibility you need to complete your security story.


Video Baluns

  • HV0733D-6MP


    Video Balun

  • DS-1H18


    Transmits TVI signal via UTP cable

  • DS-1H18S/E


    Video Balun

  • DS-1H18S_E-E


    Video Balun

PoE Midspans

  • DS-1H34-0101P


    1-ch input and 1-ch output PoE relay function

  • DS-1H34-0102P


    Supports EXTEND mode of PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) output interface: the transmission distance of a single-stage network can be extended to 250 meters when EXTEND mode is enabled

SFP Modules

  • HK-SFP-1.25G-20-1310


    SFP Modules

  • HK-SFP-1.25G-1310-DF-MM


    Single Power Supply 3.3V

  • HK-SFP-1.25G-20-1550


    Hot pluggable capability


  • DS-1M02


    RJ45 Plug

  • DS-1H18S/E-E


    Video Balun

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