Hikvision advances the core technologies of audio and video encoding, video image processing, and related data storage, as well as forward-looking technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and deep learning.



  • Network Cameras


    A Pioneer in Security and Beyond Supporting Smart Decision Making and Delivering Commercial Growth


  • PTZ Cameras


    A pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera works by moving the camera in different directions to get a whole picture of the surveillance area and zooming in for further detail of security events.

  • Explosion-Proof & Anti-Corrosion Series

    Hikvision’s Explosion-proof and Anti-Corrosion series offer special cameras for applications in hazardous and extreme environments.

  • Network Video Recorders

    Top quality cameras deserve top quality NVRs.


  • Data Center


    Hikvision’s data center products


  • Storage


    Hikvision’s unique support for direct streaming, IPSAN, FCSAN, and other models, provides customers with autonomous control, stability, and efficiency.

  • Kits


    Buy one and get all you need for a small surveillance system, including cameras, NVR and accessories.



  • Turbo HD Cameras


    Hikvision’s Turbo HD revolutionized analog surveillance by integrating the High Definition Transport Interface (HDTVI) open standard.

  • DVR


    HDTVI standard allows HD video to be transmitted over a coax-based system at an extended distance with higher reliability.

  • PTZ Cameras


    Hikvision’s Turbo HD PTZs capture high quality images even in poorly lit environments.



  • Commercial Displays


    Hikvision’s Indoor and outdoor LED displays come equipped with a variety of high-quality components and have been expertly designed to suit any environment.

  • Monitors


    Hikvision’s incredibly durable monitors are specially designed for security and control center environments.


  • Network Switches


    The PoE switches offer ultra-long distance transmission, reliable power supplies with high-voltage surge protection, and VIP ports that prioritize important data.


  • Decoders


    Hikvision's Decoders products


  • Cables


    Hikvision’s cables products


  • Controllers & Transmission


    Surveillance data travels a long and winding road to get to the screens in front of you.



  • Mobile Digital Video Recorders


    Hikvision's mobile digital video recorders products.


  • Mobile Network Video Recorders


    Hikvision's mobile network video recorders products.


  • Portable Products


    Hikvision's portable products.


  • Mobile Network Cameras


    Hikvision's mobile network cameras products.



  • Traffic Cameras


    Traffic Cameras make use of a deep learning algorithm for LPR, vehicle features recognition, and traffic violations detection.

  • Checkpoint Systems


    As a critical part of Hikvision’s intelligent traffic systems, checkpoints provide key data on traffic flow and violations. 


  • Intersection Violation Systems

    Intersections are one of the most critical application scenarios for intelligent traffic management.


  • Smart Surveillance Systems

    This system is easy to deploy and has high efficiency.


  • Traffic Flow Systems


    Hikvision’s Traffic Flow Systems monitor traffic densities and rates, process original data, and display traffic status.


  • Signal Control Systems


    Hikvision’s Signal Control Systems allow traffic lights to be coordinated to keep traffic flowing as freely as possible.


  • AID Systems


    The AID System can provide fast and effective automatic incident detection, initial alarm and response.


  • Entrance & Exit Management

    Hikvision's Entrance & Exit Mangement


  • Parking Guidance


    The Parking Guidance solution is equipped with deep learning algorithms and video monitoring technology to show real-time information on parking space availability. 


  • Road Managment System

    Peaceful public demonstrations can turn into unlawful events. Extreme weather can cause major traffic disasters.



  • Readers


    Hikvision's Readers Products


  • FingerPrint Terminals


    This standalone terminals integrate the latest fingerprint algorithms while supporting multiple verification methods, including ID cards and PIN codes.

  • Card Terminals


    For users who wish to use non-biometric access control devices, card terminals are a great choice.


  • Face Recognition Terminals

    Authorized access has come a long way from using keys, pin codes, cards, and fingerprints. We now find ourselves stepping into the era of face recognition.

  • Controllers


    Hikvision Access Controllers offer users various functions of access control.


  • Turnstiles


    Hikvision Turnstiles integrate not only with face recognition terminals.


  • Electrical Locks


    Hikvision's Electrical Locks.


  • Kits


    Hikvision's Access Control Products Kits



  • Doorbells


    The Doorbell provides functions such as basic intercom, alarm, access control and remote control to guarantee users' safety and convenience with high cost-effectiveness.

  • IP Series


    The IP-Series Video Intercom products can serve a wide rage of scenarios including apartments and suburban homes.


  • 8-Wire Series (Analog)


    Hikvision Analog Indoor Stations are the most budget friendly among the indoor stations.


  • 4-Wire Series (Analog)


    4-Wire analog products are popular choices for residential solutions.


  • 2-Wire Series


    Hikvision Two-Wire Video Intercom system includes both indoor and outdoor video intercom stations powered by a distributor that only needs two wires – one for power and one for audio/video transmission.

  • Kits


    The products you need for a complete video intercom system are delivered to you in these ready-to-go kits. Various kits are available for virtually any kind of system you are looking for.


  • Security Thermal Cameras

    The two most common challenges in traditional perimeter protection are frequent false alarms and poor imaging quality in limited light.


  • Thermography Thermal Cameras

    Hikvision’s Thermography Cameras have been used widely in detecting temperature anomalies before a fire starts, finding hot spots and invisible defects on machinery or electrical systems that could indicate a potential problem.

  • Commercial Vision Thermal Cameras

    Hikvision is devoted to bringing advanced thermal technology to more people – both professional and personal users.



  • Perimeter Protection


    Perimeter Protection is an external perimeter security system for detection of intruders outside – before they can do any damage. 


  • Security Radar


    Hikvision Security Radar uses cutting-edge Hikvision technology to accurately pinpoint the location and motion trail of up to 32 potential intruders per radar, even in the harshest weather conditions.

  • Emergency Alarm


    Hikvision’s Emergency Alarm Series has been specifically designed for use in public places to expand safety, confidence, and security.


  • Hikvision Intrusion Detector

    Hikvision offers a wide range of both wired and wireless detectors for many scenarios. 


  • Hikvision Intrusion Alarm Panel

    Hikvision Alarm offers intruder alarm solutions which combine a deep customer understanding with world-leading technologies.


  • CCTV Accessories


    Hikvision's CCTV Accessories


  • Access Control Accessories

    Hikvision's Access Control Accessories


  • Mobile Accessories


    Hikvision's Mobile Accessories


  • Traffic Accessories


    Hikvision's Traffic Accessories


  • Transmission and Display Accessories

    Hikvision's Transmission and Display Accessories

  • Video Intercom Accessories

    Hikvision's Video Intercom Accessories



  • HiLook IP Product


    Featuring IP, analog, and transmission solutions, HiLook offers ideal choices for a wide range of basic security needs.


  • HiLook-Turbo HD Product

    The HiLook Analog Series offers the H.265 Pro+ high-efficiency codec for maximum bandwidth and data storage efficiency, up to 4 MP super-high-definition imaging and EXIR 2.0 for higher infrared luminous efficiency.

  • HiLook Transmission Products

    The HiLook Transmission Products provide stable power supply and excellent data transmission performance for cameras. 


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