Optimize your workforce in an ever-connected world with a range of advanced wireless devices. Enable employees to stay securely connected and productive, regardless of where they are across the organization.


  • Avaya Wireless Handset 3730

    Efficient and dependable telephony. That’s what you get with the 3730, which features a local phonebook, access to central phonebook, voicemail, and much more. With a 3.5mm headphone jack and a battery that provides 16 hours of talk time.

  • Avaya Wireless Handset 3735

    Enterprise-grade telephony and capability meet professional messaging in this dependable handset, great for use in high demand work environments like hospitals, retail spaces, and enterprises.

  • ​Avaya Wireless Handset 3745

    Built to work when and where you do. The 3745 is a rugged wireless handset that performs in rugged work environments—factories, chemical plants, mills, and more. Shock- and scratch-proof and full of intuitive features.

  • ​​Avaya Wireless Handset 3749

    Designed for users working in dangerous, potentially explosive environments. Dependable communications in intense work environments—shale mining, oil & gas, chemical processing, nuclear facilities.

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