The app-driven capabilities that power your personal smart devices can now transform your workplace communications. Get a more personalized and productive experience, with access to millions of cloud-based apps.


  • Avaya Vantage K155

    Modern. Connected. Personalized. Transform the professional desktop experience with the K155—a UC device designed to meet new multi-dimensional needs of businesses of all sizes. Featuring integration capability and advanced functionality.

  • Avaya Vantage K165

    Transform your professional desktop experience with the K165. This no-camera model is the perfect blend of desktop phone and smart device. It delivers advanced features and multimedia communications on a bright, crystal-clear display.

  • Avaya Vantage K175

    The eye-catching, friendly K175 model includes everything that’s on the K165, plus a camera. Personalize and customize your desktop experience with powerful features and the flexibility of an application platform.

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