Video Systems

Vibrant sound is essential when you’re working in a busy, open space—and wonderful even in quiet surroundings. Optimized for multimedia, our headsets can help you be more productive—hear what’s said the first time. And thanks to Avaya-patented AcousticEdge Technology, your hearing is protected too.


  • Avaya Headset L119


    Equip your workers with an entry-level headset featuring an adjustable headband, bendable boom mic, and a direct wire-to-phone connection. It gives basic but reliable functionality to give workers hands-free flexibility and productivity.

  • ​Avaya Headset L129

    A monoaural headset perfect for call center and UC workers, the L129 features magnetic Quick Connect that allows users to seamlessly move from desk phone to laptop to mobile phone. Quality you can rely on. Flexibility you can thrive on.

  • ​Avaya Headset L139

    A comfortable, mid-range headset with reliable performance, the L139 is perfect for call center workers. Featuring a brushed aluminum headband and a 360-degree boom microphone, it lets call takers to hear and be heard—perfectly clear.

  • ​Avaya Headset L149

    Boost flexibility and productivity with this mid-range, binaural headset, perfect for call center workers. The smooth, brushed aluminum headband offers workday comfort, while a 360-degree boom microphone provides convenience and greater usability.

  • ​​​Avaya Headset L159

    Our top-level, binaural headset delivers a premium user experience and ultimate comfort. With Bluetooth capability, LED indicators, and a 360-degree boom microphone, this headset provides the quality, flexibility, and reliability users expect.

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