Through our open, converged and innovative solutions we take intelligent experiences to new heights for our customers, partners and their customers—in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid of both.



  • Public

    UCaaS and CCaaS solutions delivered in a cloud-based model ensures you have the latest software, helps control costs using self-service tools, and provides near-zero operational costs. 


  • Private

    You have control when Avaya helps install, operate, and manage your cloud migration solution based on service agreements that you design. Avaya can provision the equipment stack and host it on your premises or in one of our data centers.

  • UCaaS

    Rely on our Unified Communications as a Service to help teams connect more easily no matter where they are. Call, meet and collaborate with others using any device or system.


  • CCaaS

    Be worry free knowing you're secure and compliant with Contact Center as a Service. Connect from any device, from anywhere, and give agents new interaction tools they’ll love.



    Your business is unique. And no one knows it better than you. You wouldn’t let just anyone tell you how to run your business, so why should the technology you use be any different. Which is why Avaya lets you choose what’s right for you. 

  • CPaaS

    Communications-enable apps with the workflow integration you need.


  • Cloud Adoption & Migration

    You need to know that you’re getting a cloud migration solution that works for your business—one that keeps you connected with customers and employees. We're here to help you with cloud adoption every step of the way.

Unified Communications

  • Calling

    Voice remains a critical part of communications. When your employees have a system that is enabled for mobility, supported by messaging, and integrated into meetings and team collaboration, they have the fastest, clearest way to build relationships.

  • Collaboration

    Team Collaboration from Avaya lets you create virtual war rooms where people and content come together, across the organization or around the world. Collaborate through voice, video, and persistent group chat with integrated document storage, and task management.

  • Meetings

    Enhance your business relationships by bringing the experience of a face-to-face meeting with HD video, audio, and web collaboration to your people, customers, and partners on virtually any device.


  • Devices

    The right tools make all the difference in your business, whether for customer service, collaboration or personal productivity. Choose the right solutions to empower every one of your employees.


  • Services

    Avaya Services – Experienced Experts at Your Fingertips


  • Avaya Subscription


    Work has entered a new normal of constant change. To adapt and succeed, you need to create a more digital workplace, where employees and customers stay securely connected, and where work can happen from anywhere.

Communications Cloud

  • Voice

    Talking with your customers is still an important part of your service. Determine when customers need assistance from your agents by automating solutions for inbound and outbound speech, video, email and chat applications.


  • Digital Channels

    Match your customers to the best agents available to handle inquiries. Enable agents to manage all customer channels through a single workspace. Our solutions map across all channels to help customers get the ultimate personalized experience every time.

  • Agent Desktop

    Make your agents’ day and change your customer experience forever. An empowered agent is one who’s working with an easy view to all customer info and the ability to manage all digital channels. Every agent sees the big picture and handoffs are a breeze.

  • Workforce Engagement

    Improve performance and industry compliance. Use real-time and historical data to see areas of excellence and improvements needed. Record interactions, monitor calls, analyze voice of the customer, manage quality, balance workloads, automate coaching, and more.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Serve your customers even better with self-service, chatbots, virtual assistants and machine learning. Our AI solutions even let you pair customers with the right agents to ensure a more productive engagement.

Contact Center


    Though customer care has evolved from voice-only call centers, voice and voice-based apps are undeniably important to the future of customer experience. 


    Experience is everything, and you only get one shot. Digital channels like email, web chat, SMS, and social have opened new doors of opportunity but also raised the stakes.


    Even the best agent is stifled by ineffective workplace tools. Change the game with a consolidated desktop view of customer information and streamlined management of digital channels and devices.


    Maximize the value of each customer interaction and create a thoroughly trained and productive workforce by recording, monitoring, and analyzing experiences. Deliver more responsive, personalized, and consistent service that exceeds expectations.


    Serve your customers even better with self-service, chatbots, virtual assistants and machine learning. Our AI solutions even let you pair customers with the right agents to ensure a more productive engagement.

Phones & Devices

  • Desktop Phones

    Turns out business users still prefer desktop phones. Our phones deliver exceptional reliability, scalable provisioning, and SIP support to unlock the full potential of Avaya and approved third-party UC platforms.


  • Multimedia Devices

    It’s time to reimagine what a desktop phone can do. Avaya Vantage offers one-touch and voice-controlled audio, video and text, and an all-glass touchscreen with millions of cloud-based apps available at the touch of a finger.

  • Wireless Handsets

    Your employees are on the go, so you need to keep everyone connected and productive as they move across your building or campus. Our wireless handsets integrate into our solutions, so you can easily take desktop communications mobile.

  • Conference Phones

    Your teams should focus on their meetings, not making the conferencing device work. Our easy-to-use devices have superior HD audio and crystal-clear Avaya OmniSound® technology for any size meeting room.

  • Huddle Rooms

    In business life, grabbing a quick, impromptu meeting keeps work humming. Our all-in-one meeting solution is perfect for bringing together a small team of people from different locations. It’s huddle time!


  • Video Sytems

    Maintain existing investments while harnessing the power of rich, seamless, enterprise-class video conferencing for any size of business. Prevent network strain and additional costs with a smart design for minimum bandwidth usage.

  • Headsets

    Vibrant sound is essential when you’re working in a busy, open space—and wonderful even in quiet surroundings. Optimized for multimedia, our headsets can help you be more productive—hear what’s said the first time. 


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